What to Do in Railay Beach

One of the all-time favorite destinations for travelers and tourists around the world flocking to Thailand, Railay is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches, magnificent cliffs, and a laid-back attitude and atmosphere that you just aren’t going to be able to find anywhere else on the planet.

railay beach at night

Loaded to the brim with all kinds of engaging activities, attractions, and opportunities for adventure – as well as the effortless option of kicking back on any of the gorgeous beaches of Railay and just mellowing out – you’ll definitely want to make sure that you carve out a block of time on your itinerary to Thailand to spend as much of it in Railay as you can.


Take the Four Islands Tour


The Four Islands Tour is a little bit of a misnomer, considering the fact that there’s only going to be three stops on this excursion – before you return to Railay Beach, of course – but each of the individual three mini-destinations is sure to make this excursion well worth it.


You’ll hop from one island to the next, each of them more beautiful than on the last, and will have an opportunity to adventure out into these islands in a way that other travelers won’t be able to experience elsewhere. This is a great way to experience Thailand – truly immersive and accessible in a manner not common on these kinds of tours.


Relax on Railay Beach


As we highlighted above, Railay is one of the best places to just kind of kick back and relax when you are visiting Thailand. There are literally miles and miles of beaches to enjoy, surrounded by signature limestone cliff faces and some of the most picturesque experiences in landscapes you’ll ever find in all of Southeast Asia.


Things get pretty busy during the most active season of the year (between December and April), so if you want to find this beach as uncluttered and uncrowded as possible you’ll want to visit before 10 AM during this stretch of time throughout the year.


Go rock climbing on any of the Railay Beach cliffs


With so many awe-inspiring limestone cliffs around the Railay area, if you normally like a little exercise on your trips you’d have to be a little bit crazy to pass up the opportunity to explore as many of the cliffs as possible – even if you don’t have a lot of climbing experience (or any climbing experience, for that matter).


What better way to truly get your hands a little dirty while taking in the landscape? Chartered rock-climbing adventures are generally offered daily by experienced climbers and safety personnel, with extra providers available during the high season.  A little intimidated?  Don’t be!  Climbs for all skill levels are available and all equipment, instruction and snacks and water are provided by most guide services doing business here.


Investigate Pranang Cave


Also known as the “Princess Cave”, this cave holds one of the more unusual attractions you’ll find anywhere in the Railay Beach area.


Tiny wooden penises are carved and placed into this cave by local fishermen, as the ancient ritual says that this kind of offering will grant them their wishes, safe travels on the water, and a bounty of fish that they wouldn’t have been able to catch otherwise.


Climb the Railay Beach Viewpoint and wade into the lagoon

Railay beach Map

The Railay Beach Viewpoint is a must visit location when you are spending time here in Thailand, especially because after your climb you’ll be rewarded with an opportunity to wait out into one of the most beautiful natural lagoons anywhere in Southeast Asia. This is an adventure that can really round out the time that you spend in the Railay region, and you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on everything that is unique excursion has to offer!




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