The State of Medical Tourism in Thailand

Beyond being a beautiful and unique country to visit on holidays, rich in culture, Thailand is also a hot destination for medical tourism. People who travel to Thailand from other countries for the purpose of accessing medical services including operations, typically do so because certain treatments are not available at home, or often because they wish to save money. Compared with prices in the UK, Europe, America and Canada, the cost of surgical procedures in Thailand is quite low while still giving patients access to highly trained staff and cutting edge facilities.

medical tourism in thailand

If you decide to extend your planned vacation in Thailand for the purpose of medical tourism, you may anticipate spending forty to sixty percent less than you would in the pricier regions that we just mentioned! This means major savings, even when the costs of travel and accommodation are factored in


How Safe is Opting for Surgery in Thailand?


This is usually the first question that springs to mind for people considering travel for their medical needs.  In ever-greater numbers people are flocking to Thailand for the procedures they need and as an alternative to waiting in the queue for their number to come up with UK or Irish NHS, or instead of wrestling with their US health insurance provider. They do so because Thailand’s hospitals are top-of-the-line and meet the standards they would demand at home. Whether people want hip or knee replacements, non-surgical stem cell treatments, plastic surgery or what have you, they find that their treatment needs can be handled safely and with loving care in Thailand…for rock-bottom rates.


Thailand’s hospitals are universally well-regarded. Many of them are accredited via the respected and trusted Joint Commission International (JCI), which is a governing body responsible for accrediting hospitals outside of the USA. If you want to get surgery,  fertility treatments, laser teeth whitening, or any of many more procedures expertly offered, make sure you’re booking with a JCI-accredited medical facility.


In 2014, over twenty-four million people traveled to Thailand from abroad as tourists. 3.7 percent of those visitors got medical or surgical procedures while they were there.


In terms of other perks, Thailand has .06 physicians and 3.1 medical facility beds for every thousand persons in the country. This statistic is based on 2014 figures.


No surgery is one hundred percent safe. This means that there will always be the risk of something going wrong. There are people who’ve chosen medical tourism and lived to regret it, and you may have heard horror stories about botched plastic surgery (or other types of operations) that went awry and left the patients deformed, sicker than ever before or dead.


These medical tourism horror stories are rare in Thailand. That’s why so many people research the doctors and hospitals here and then feel secure enough to book their procedures in this delightful and welcoming country. While no medical service is risk-free, in terms of impeccable quality for a superb price, Thailand is a smart choice.


The Thai health care system is excellent and highly regulated, and is commonly described by reviewers as “affordable and advanced”. Also, when you opt for treatment or a procedure in Thailand, you’ll be assisting the Thai economy since medical tourism adds an approximate value of .4 to the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP).


How To Find Out More


Careful and thorough research is the key to planning successful medical tourism in Thailand. A good resource to start with is the official Joint Commission International website.


Once you find a great hospital and surgeon, you can explore rules for travel to Thailand from your home country. You should also plan a budget and look into accommodations. As well, be sure to factor recovery time into the cost of your trip and whether you’ll need a travel companion or even a hired nurse during recovery. Surgery always comes with the chance of complications and this means that you should give yourself ample time to rest after your big day, just to be safe.


Also, explore any effects that medical tourism will have on your travel medical insurance and general health insurance policies. Once you do your homework, you’ll be ready to get fixed up, enhanced, or just plain better all while visiting a paradise-like destination.

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