Shun Fad Diets, Endorse Thai Food Karma

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Shun Fad Diets, Endorse Thai Food Karma

Do you know how many types of diets have been popularized around the world in just the last ten to twenty years? Well over fifty for sure and you are probably aware of more than a dozen, perhaps even tried a few yourself. Some diets are obviously more popular and also healthier than others. You must have heard of Paleo diet, Atkins diet, Dash diet, Mind diet, Mediterranean diet, Vegan diet, Gluten-Free diet, Macrobiotic diet, Raw Food diet and Whole 30 diet. Most diets focus on weight loss but not all are easy to follow. Some diets are good for the heart and overall health. Some are plant based diets while some focus on lean proteins. Many diets are quite unrealistic in the modern world, one of the key reasons why most people fail to adhere to the dietary recommendation.


Fad diets don’t work. They don’t help with long term weight loss. Many are actually unhealthy. A credible and practical alternative to fad diets is Thai food karma. The vegan diet and low calorie diet can help you fight obesity and will contribute to a slimmer waistline but charcoal cleanse, clip your nose diet, laxatives and tissue paper diet are definitely not worth trying.


What is Thai Food Karma?


Thai food karma is a simple idea. It is actually a philosophy that helps you to live a healthy and satiating life. The idea is to eat the right foods, at the right time and in the right quantities. The philosophy urges people to shun cravings, to control hunger and to be more charitable with food. While most countries have an obesity problem, there are billions of poor people who don’t have enough to eat. This may be surprising because supermarkets are flooded with thousands of goodies.


Many monks in Thailand eat two meals a day, one at daybreak which is the breakfast and one at noon which is the lunch. Post noon, these monks drink water, milk and juices. The juices could be of vegetables or fruits, can be both according to personal preference. It is well known that some monks go on to live for a hundred years, some live longer. If the human body could not make do with two meals a day, surely the monks would not have survived longer than average humans.


Thai food karma does not confine you to eat preselected foods. It simply requires you to eat healthy, cooked food using fresh produce and to avoid all junk foods that are available at every convenience store around the country. Processed foods and beverages are right now the bane for mankind.


Hunger Pangs and Cravings


There is a subtle difference between cravings or hunger prangs and the actual necessity of eating. Most people think they are hungry when it is essentially a desire to eat something. There is no dearth of temptations all around. Most people in fairly prosperous countries eat something and they want to eat something else after a few minutes. This is a vicious cycle that goes on and forever. Only health problems and serious medical conditions compel people to give up on this relentless eating spree. Thai food karma recommends one to eat only when absolutely necessary and instead to help people, to donate and to feed the hungry.


It is natural for anyone to feel hungry once a restricted diet is undertaken. These hunger prangs or cravings will last for a week. Thereafter, the body will get accustomed to the new diet. You can still eat the meats of your choice, the fruits and vegetables, even cakes and beverages. Just limit the quantities, cut down to two meals a day and at the right time when you still have several hours to burn the calories.

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