Evangelical Churches Growing In Thailand

Evangelical Churches Growing In Thailand

How do you feel about the growth of Evangelical churches in Thailand? That’s definitely a topic that people in this country often feel strongly about. After all, Christians, and evangelicals in particular, remain a considerable minority in Thailand and have struggled to gain foothold over the past 200 years. Christians still make up less than one percent of the Thai population.


Church growth in Thailand is most definitely on the rise however and while there is still resistance to overcome the numbers are increasing yearly.


Churches Growing Throughout Thailand

While the growth of churches in Thailand has moved slowly over the course of history, there is no question that there’s been an unprecedented boom in recent years. Yes, the population remains under 1%, but we are rapidly getting to the point in which that will no longer be the case.


Think of it this way: As of 1952, there were roughly fourteen thousand Christians in Thailand. Despite the extraordinary works of existing churches and organizations, adoption from locals was still unlikely.


In the present? There are more than five thousand Evangelical churches in Thailand. There are more than four hundred thousand Protestant Christians in the country. While the growth is certainly slow, there is no question that it is definitely occurring. Some would even go so far as to say that we have arrived at a period of transition. And we have not even seen some of the larger global organizations take root yet.  If one looks at the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Locations page, you’d be surprised not to find an established church in Thailand yet but with such a formidable presence throughout south Asia it must only be a matter of time.


Evangelical Churches May Continue To Grow

More than 100,000 Pakistanis have fled their country because of Islamic extremism. Nearly 11,000 have gone to Thailand, many of them Christians, though as reported their initial reception was not so great.

Half of the churches currently standing in Thailand have gone up over the past fifteen years. Think about that for a second. In fifteen years, 2500 new Evangelical churches were added to Thailand. This is growth that on a scale we have not seen before. This is why we are perhaps in a period of transition. What will the next 15 years bring in terms of growth, and will there be any issues like we’ve seen in recent news events?



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